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Industrial PDA was Launched
[Pearl Electronics Group]  Allen Luo 
December 18, 2013  

Pearl PDA800C is an industrial grade intrinsically safe wireless intelligent terminal developed specially for the coal mining industry. Integrating functions of data terminal, GSM cell phone, VoWLAN (Voice over Wireless Local Area Network) cell phone, RFID card reader and card writer, GPS location system and digital photographic camera integrated, PDA800C all-roundly satisfies the needs of mining industry users in information release, task order, speech communication, data acquisition, location, scene investigation and other areas.


In response to the severe environmental conditions of mining industry, Pearl has designed the circuit board and battery of PDA800C based on the intrinsically safe circuit standard, which ensures the safe operation of the product in the gas and coal dust environment. PDA800C is also an industrial grade wireless intelligent terminal, whose design has fully considered waterproofing, dustproofing, shockproof, high temperature resistance and anti-static needs. Its protection class reaches IP66.


With the multimode wireless communication technology adopted, PDA800C supports such wireless communication systems as GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi/WAPI and RFID, and integrates functions of talkback, group call and one touch SOS, meeting the needs of industry users with regard to real-time, reliability, high bandwidth and diversity of communication.


PDA800C is developed on Windows mobile 6.5 mainstream PDA platform. Its powerful application extension performance may provide varieties of effective wireless data solutions to industry users and enterprises.



Know more information on PDA800C please check at www.pearlelectronics.com or contact us at sales@pearlelectronics.com.


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